Greenhope has been used as a base to provide opportunities for service users to develop and achieve qualifications. Training courses delivered have included Horticulture level 1 and 2, Furniture Restoration, Food hygiene, Healthy Cooking, Mosaic training and Photography.

Members participated on a range of courses in a familiar and non-threatening learning environment. Out of 68 learners that took part in the varied courses, there has been a male uptake at 67% and 33% female. 16% of learners were aged over 50 years; 2 of whom were over the age of 60. 75% of learners declared a disability and or learning difficulty; 1.5 % of learners were from black and ethnic minority backgrounds and 100% of learners were in receipt of state benefits.

Learners that attended Greenhope visibly grew in confidence and self-esteem during the course and stated to staff that they felt more positive in themselves and recognised that they had the potential for continued learning. The majority of the learners have identified other learning they would like to engage with to enhance their skills further and to provide further employment opportunities.

A joinery taster course was also held for the members providing them with new skills and on the final day the group made various things; bird boxes, key holders, money boxes, toy tanks and a notice board.

Various items continue to be made in the workshop on the site and many people have requested specific items to be made, providing donations to the group in return.

The Duchess of Northumberland also endorsed one of the dog planters that the members made which is on show on display in the Jarrow Town Hall





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