NECA is a registered Charity whose key focus is to improve the lives of individuals and communities throughout the region. For over 40 years NECA have supported and enabled thousands of individuals to sustain long term Recovery from substances and Gambling misuse.

As one of the largest regional charities working in the area of substance use and Gambling we have increasingly diversified in the range of services we provide to ensure we tailor packages to meet need of both Adults ,Young people and families .

We know that there are many individual routes to recovery and our central aim is to support and facilitate individuals and families to achieve this.

We provide a range of health and wellbeing services, acknowledging that wider health determinates can have a significant impact on individual recovery. This includes advice and information on healthy eating, smoking cessation, health checks and sexual health. Please ask your worker for more information or visit our self help by clicking here…





Services we provide include:

Recovery Services
Psychological interventions services
Prescribing Services
Supported housing and independent living services
Quasi-Residential rehabilitation services
Care coordination services

Open access services

Needle Exchange Services
Health and Wellbeing services
Gambling Services
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